Over the last decade Colorado has faced

substantial and increasingly complex water related challenges.


    The sources of these challenges are as diverse as the state itself.
    We welcome you to read on to learn more about how water is managed in Colorado
    and, specifically, how water challenges are managed in the South Platte basin.

Did you know that the South Platte basin…

  • is home to the Denver Metropolitan area and several other growing communities (such as Boulder, Loveland, Greeley, and Fort Collins) which together account for over half of the state’s economic activity?
  • contains seven of the top ten agricultural producing counties in Colorado?
  • is also home to the State’s most-visited state parks and the eastern half of Rocky Mountain National Park?

Learn more using the map below. The red area is the Metro Basin and the blue area is the rest of the South Platte Basin. Click counties outlined in white to see contact information for the roundtable representative. Use the “+” to zoom in and locate waterways (click to see name of waterway).

Learn more about plans for water in your area and get involved!

Links to key documents: